In halogens, fluorine has fewer electrons and a weaker dispersion force as compared to iodine. Which statement is true regarding fluorine and iodine? A. Fluorine is a gas and iodine is a solid at room temperature. B. Fluorine is liquid and iodine is gas at room temperature. C. Both fluorine and iodine are gases at room temperature. D. Both fluorine and iodine are solids at room temperature. E. Fluorine is solid and iodine is liquid at room temperature.

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Since we know that Fluorine has weaker forces than Iodine The answer must be A. For B, E to work Iodine would have to have weaker forces than Fluorine and for C, D to work they would have to have the same dispersion forces  **The stronger the dispersion forces, the harder it is to break apart the molecule. Higher the Boiling Point and Melting Point**

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