In mexico's tlatelolco massacre, why were the demonstrators protesting? because they wanted another mexican revolution because they did not like the bracero program because the government controlled all oil reserves because the pri held all the real political power

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During the Mexico’s Tlatelolco, the demonstrators were protesting because they were opposing the control of the government in the oil reserves that their country has. The protest led to the massacre of unknown number of demonstrators and sparked a global controversy.  On October 2, 1968, police officers and military troops opened fire to a crowd of unarmed students, protesting in Tlatelolco Plaza. Thousands of the demonstrators tried to run away from the place in panic as they saw tanks bulldozed the Plaza.  Government initially declared and reported 4 people killed and 20 wounded, but eyewitnesses provided a different statements stating that bodies of hundreds of young people are being trucked away, until now, this event remains in mystery.

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