In The Red Badge of Courage, when Henry wakes up in camp the day after fighting, why does he first think he is in a charnel place? (1 point) a. The sleeping men around him look dead. b. The smoke from the campfire smells like burning meat. c. The noise from the front and the darkness before dawn remind him of hell. 5. Which of the following is NOT one of the themes of The Red Badge of Courage? (1 point) a. Nature doesn’t care about the fate of man. b. Manhood comes through experience. c. Courage doesn’t matter.

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In chapter 14, when Henry awakes he first thinks he is a charnel place because A. the sleeping men around him look dead.  For the second question, C. Courage doesn't matter is the option that is not a theme of "The Red Badge of Courage". The story argues that courage does matter, but how one defines courage is the real point. Henry believes in an old romantic sense of courage that he quickly finds is not realistic. He later learns that his mother's sense of courage, owning up to your responsibilities even if it means your life, is a more true version of courage.

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