Isabella had a week to read a book for a school assignment. She read an average of 36 pages per day for the first three days and an average of 44 pages per day for the next three days. She then finished the book by reading 10 pages on the last day. How many pages were in the book?

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Ok, so what you want to do, is to start by adding the values together. So, she read an average of 36 pages for the first three days. So, you will multiply 36 by 3. Then, you will have 44 pages for the next three days, or 44 * 3. And finally, you have the last 10 pages. So, it is (36 * 3) + (44*3) + 10. So, 36 times 3 is 108, and 44 times 3 is 132. So, you now have 108 + 132 + 10. Add all of those values together, and your final answer is 250. 

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