Jillian’s school is selling tickets for a play. The tickets cost $10.50 for adults and $3.75 for students. The ticket sales for opening night totaled $2071.50. The equation 10.50a + 3.75b = 2071.50, where a is the number of adult tickets sold and b is the number of student tickets sold, can be used to find the number of adult and student tickets. If 82 students attended, how may adult tickets were sold?

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Okay, so this is a multi-step problem. If there are 82 students, and the cost was $3.75 PER student, we would multiply 3.75 times 82 to get 307.50, and now we would subtract the total amount of sales, ($2,071.50), MINUS the ticket sales made by students, ($307.50). So 2,071.50 - 307.50 = 1,764. So this means that they made $1,764 in ticket sales from ADULTS. Now to find out how many adults were THERE, (or the amount of adult tickets that were sold), we will divide 1,764 divided by the price of each adult ticket, ($10.50), which will be 1,764 divided by 10.50 = 168. 168 adult tickets were sold. I hope I helped! =D

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