Latasha scored 4 goals in a 6-game tournament at the start of the soccer season. Her team plays 21 games during the season. If she scores goals throughout the season at the same rate she did during the tournament, how many goals will she score this season?

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To answer this I believe you have to use cross-multiplication. If she scores 4 goals in 6 games, how many would she score in 21 games? We can set up the equation 4/6 = x/21. This implies that both sides are equal, hence the same rate of scoring. Now all that's left is to solve for x. You have to cross-multiply, so 4 times 21 = 84, and 6 times x = 6x. Now the equation looks like 84 = 6x. Now divide by 6 on both sides to solve for x. 84 divided by 6 = 14. So Latasha scored 14 goals in the season. 

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