Let ∠1∠1, ∠2∠2, and ∠3∠3 have the following relationships. ∠1∠1 and ∠2∠2 are acute vertical angles. ∠3∠3 is an obtuse angle adjacent to both ∠1∠1 and ∠2∠2. What is the sum of the measure of ∠1∠1 and the measure of ∠3∠3?

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An acute angle is less than 90 and an obtuse angle is more than 90. All three angles need to equal 360... so really you could have multiple answers. All you need to do is make up an acute angle like 70 then multiply that by 2, so that you have both angles, and that would equal to 140. Well then subtract that from 360 and you have 220 which would be your obtuse angle. So your answer could be anything as long as it follows the rules.

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