Liz has a 24-inch long ribbon. She cuts nine 2-inch pieces from her original ribbon. How much of the original ribbon is left?

(2) Answers

2x9=18 24-18=6 she has 6 inch pieces of ribbon long]


First, let's see how much of the ribbon Liz cut off. She cut off 9 pieces, and each piece was 2 inches, so you'll have to multiply 9 by 2 to see how many inches she cut off in total. Multiplying 9 by 2 is the same as adding 2+2+2+2+2+2+2+2+2! 2*9=18 18 inches of ribbon were cut off. Now, you have to subtract 18 from 24 to find how many inches are left. You need to subtract because you have the total inches and the amount cut off, and they want to know how much she didn't cut off. 24-18=6 6 inches are left. I hope I helped! :)

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