Mary has 12 marbles 3/12 of the marbles are yellow and 2/12 of the marbles are blue.The rest of the marbles are green.How many marbles are green?

(2) Answers

3 yellow marbles + 2 blue marbles + x green marbles = 12 marbles x green marbles = 12 marbles - 5 marbles x green marbles = 7 green marbles


Of you take 12/12 (total number of marbles) minus 3/12 (amount of yellow marbles out of total) that leaves 9/12 and if you subtract 2/12 (amount of blue marbles from total) from that it leaves you with 7/12 (the amount of green marbles from the total. Yellow=3 Blue=2 Green=7 Total=12

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