Match the correct term with the definition Question 1 options: the neutrally charged element in the nucleus of an atom the number of protons an atom has an atom of an element that has a different number of neutrons that the standard atom of that element protons + neutrons in the nucleus of an atom the positive particle in the nucleus of an atom 1. Atomic Mass 2. Neutron 3. Atomic Number 4. Proton 5. Isotope Identify the atomic number and atomic mass of the following element Question 2 options: Number: 35.453 mass: 17 Number: 17 mass: 18 Number: 18 mass: 17 Number: 17 mass: 35.453 Which atomic particle gives an atom gives it it’s chemical properties? Question 3 options: Protons Isotopes Neutrons Electrons All atoms of an element always have the same number of Question 4 options: Neutrons Electrons Protons Electrons How many protons, neutrons, and electrons does a neutral atom of this element have? (round atomic mass to nearest whole number) Question 5 options: Protons: 13 Neutrons: 13 Electrons: 13 Protons: 13 Neutrons: 14 Electrons: 13 Protons: 27 Neutrons: 13 Electrons: 14 Protons: 14 Neutrons: 27 Electrons: 13 A neutral atom of an element has the same number of __________ and ________. Question 6 options: Protons and electrons Neutrons and electrons Protons and neutrons Which of the following is are isotopes of carbon? (Carbon has an atomic number of 6 and an atomic mass of 12) Question 7 options: Only B is an Isotope A and C are Isotopes A and B are Isotopes B and C are Isotopes

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