Matthews total points scored in basketball this season were 168 points. He scores 147 of those points in regular season and the rest were scored in his only playoff game. What percent of his total points did he score in the playoff game?

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We known that 147 of 168 points were scored in regular season. We'll display that information as: [latex]\frac{147}{168} [/latex] The rest was scored in his playoff game. "The rest" means the remainng points left excluding 147 out 168, meaning that in order to find "the rest", we must subtract 147 from 168: 168 - 147 = 21 So [latex] \frac{21}{168} [/latex] is the number of points scored in his playoff game. Now we want to find the "total percent of his total points" in his playoff game. We can easily figure this out by doing this: [latex] \frac{21}{168} = \frac{x}{100} [/latex] This translates into: If the score is 21 out of 168, what is the score out of 100? The number is out of 100 because percentage is based of 100. So whatever it is will be out of 100%. So to solve this, we multiply 100 by 21 and divide by 168 so solve for x (note that * is the equivalent of multiplication): [latex] \frac{100 * 21}{168} [/latex] = 12.5 the answer, once simplified, is 12.5. Therefore 12.5% of his points were scored in his playoff game. Want to make sure? Find the percentage of his score in his regular season:  [latex]\frac{100*147}{168}= 87.5[/latex] This means that the total percentage of points he scored in his regualr season was 87.5%. Now, the total percentage of his scores in his regular season and his playoff game should add up to 100: 12.5 + 87.5 = 100 By doing this we made sure that our answer was correct. So: Percentage of points in the playoff game: 12.5%

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