Mrs. Nelson has a rectangular flower box that is 5 feet long and 2 feet tall. She wants the width of the box to be no more than 5 feet. If the width is a whole number what are the possible volumes for the flower box.

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So the question is to find the volumes of Mrs. Nelsons rectangular flower box whos width can't be longer than 5 feet and a whole number and we know the length a=5 feet and depth b= 2 feet. So we have 5 volumes that differ only in length c that will be c1=1 feet, c2=2 feet, c3=3 feet, c4=4 feet and c5=5 feet. V1=a*b*c1=5*2*1=10 feet^3, V2=a*b*c2=20 feet^3, V3=a*b*c3=30 feet^3, V4=a*b*c4=40 feet ^3 and V5=a*b*c5=50 feet^3.

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