Mr.sanchez drives 120 miles in 3 hours. At the same rate, how far will he drive in 5 hours

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To elaborate: To do this problem, we assume that Mr. Sanchez is driving at a constant rate. According to this information, he has driven 120 mi in 3 hr. To find how much he drives in 5 hr, we first have to find how many mi he drives in 1 hour. To do this, we divide 120 miles by 3 hours, since we assume that he managed to drive an equal amount in each hour. 120/3=40 Therefore Mr. Sanchez drove at a rate of 40 mph. However, this isn't the final answer. 40 miles is the distance for one hour of driving. To find the distance for 5 hours, we have to multiply the distance by 5 as well. 40 times 5=200 In conclusion, Mr. Sanchez will drive 200 miles in 5 hours.

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