of the 200 guests invited to a wedding 154 attended the wedding what percent of the invited guests attended the wedding

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To solve this equation, you haveto use the percent equation, which is p=% times w. IN this equation, p represents the part, % represents the percent, w represents the whole. We know so far that the whole is a total of 200 people. We also know that only 154 people actually attented, which tells us that the part os 154. What we need to figure out is the percent. Let's fill in the equation:     p=% X w  154= a X 200. (over here, I replaced the percent with the variable 'a' to          show that it is unknown.) 154=200a         (Now, we isolate the variable.) 154/200=200a/200 ( We divide both sides by 200 to get the a alone.) .77=a  We now know that our percent in decimal form is .77 After converting it to percent form, we get 77% To rephrase: 77% of the invited guests attended the wedding. ( 154=.77x200 ) :) Hope this helped! Plz pick me as brainliest! 

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