Please check my Spanish sentences! Is this correct? La casa es pequeña. En mi casa hay tres cuartos y uno grande sala. Mi cuarto es naranja. Hay dos camas en mi cuarto. En la cocina hay refrigerador y estufa. En mi madres cuarto hay grade cama y baño.

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the second one is..... En mi casa hay tres cuartos grandes y una sala grande. Mi cuarto es color naranja. En la cocina hay refrigerador y una estufa. En el cuarto de mi madre hay una cama grande y un baño. Good luck!!!


I'll directly translate it so you can see your errors if there are any! The house is small. In my house there are three rooms and one large front room. My room is orange. It has two beds in my room. In the kitchen there is a refrigerator and stove. In my moms room there is big bed and bathroom. I don't know what level of Spanish you're taking. However, watch out if you're talking in present or past tense.  Since you're in middle school, it looks about right!  Good job, but if you're talking about your house, say Mi casa instead of La casa. :)

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