please help me I dont know how to do this.

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Its d. To find the slope you change the equation to slope intercept form which is y=mx+b where m is the slope and b is the y intercept. Here is my work x+3y=10 3y=-x+10 y=-1/3x+(10/3) Your slope is then -1/3 Hope this helps!


subtract 3x from both sides  to get 3y= -x+10now take the number 1 (yes i know it is nowhere in the problem but take it ) and subituted it for y3(1)= -x+10 4= -x +10-10 from both sides 4 -10 = - x +10 -106 = -x divide both sides by -1-6 = x  but the slope is -1/10 (showed in earlier part of problem i just worked it all the way out)

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