PLEASE HELP ME IF YOU KNOW THIS IT WOULD MEAN EVERYTHING !!!!! Match the famous Roman with the description that best fits them. "I was the very first Roman Emperor, ruling with absolute power until I was assassinated at the Roman Senate." "I was a Roman Emperor who was rumored to have started the Great Fire of Rome but instead I used it as an excuse to persecute Christians." "According to legend, my brother and I built the city of Rome until we fought over its name so I killed him." "My great uncle was Julius Caesar so I hunted those responsible for his murder, was the first emperor to take the title 'Caesar,' and am credited with bringing about the Pax Romana." "I was a Roman Emperor who 'defeated' the god of the sea Neptune, collecting seashells as my prize, and threatened to make my horse a Consul of Rome." "I was a Roman Emperor who persecuted Christians and decided that the best solution to Rome's problems was to divide it into An Eastern Empire and a Western Empire." 1. Romulus 2. Julius Caesar 3. Diocletian 4. Caesar Augustus 5. Caligula 6. Nero

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1. "According to legend, My brother and I built the city" 2. "I was the first roman emperor" 3. "I divided the roman empire" 4. "My great uncle was Juliius" 5. "I defeated Neptune" 6. "I persecuted Christians by starting a fire"

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