Please help me in this essay The topic is THE WELFARE OF MY SOCIETY DEPENDS ON MY WELL BEING.

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Society’s Welfare and My Well-being You can the state of a society’s welfare through its people.  If people are tough, happy and have a positive outlook in life then it means that these people can contribute to the welfare of their society.  This is because their welcome is very positive and that drives them to do good things that will benefit them and society as a whole.  On the other hand, if people have pessimistic outlook as well as a feeling of helplessness and anger, then they are most likely to do either nothing or something bad that would be a detriment to their society.  Our well-being is connected with the welfare of society. What we feel affects not only ourselves but also our families, friends, co-workers and society as a whole.  It’s not just us.  When a person is energetic and happy, his attitude and well-being give off an air of inspiration that gets everyone on board and things get done. However, a person who is lazy, depressed and in a bad mood would mostly likely bring the people around him down. The mood of a group would eventually spread itself to the rest of the society in which it lives in. That why our well-being affects the welfare of society.  What we feel affects what we do and the people around us.  No what situation we find ourselves in, how we change things depends on us.  Whether our situation is good or bad, the choice is ours to change it.  In the end our well-being and society’s welfare are connected so that’s why we should always be upbeat cause when we’re good, society’s good too.    

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