please someone help me

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1) 2(3x-5) Use the distributive property. 2(3x)+2(-5) 6x-10  That is not equal to 6x-8. 2) 2-2+5x Simplify the like terms, 2 and -2 Add them together, 0 5x=5x the two expressions are equal 3) 2x+8 because there are x stickers in a pack 2(4+x)=2(4)+2(x)=8+2x=2x+8 Yes they are the same expressions.


6x-8:2(3x-5) we can start will using the destibutive property on the parenthasis 2 times 3x = 6x and 2 times 5 is 10 so 6x-8:6x-10 since there is a 6x on both sides we can cancel it out and we are left with -8:-10 so the first on is not eqivilant. 2-2+5x;5x for this one we have a 2-2 which we can do 2-2=0 so we are left with 5x:5x this one is eqivialant. for the third one since she baught two packs of stickers and we don't know how many stickers are in each one we can use x to reprezent the number of stickers. so 2x for the packages and then +8 for the individual 2x+8:2(4+x) again we can use the distrubutve property 2 times 4 and 2 times x 2x+8:8+2x. and we have the same thing on both sides so the are equivalant

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