PLease write me a paragraph using these words: Reluctance, Consequential, Infectious, Speculate, Ultimatum, Verbatim, Accolade, Accompaniment, Hysterical, and Succulent.

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  I have always loved my life but there are things that are imperfect about me. First my name is Megan Lander and I am 50 years old and I have found that i am very RELUCTANT. There is something not a lot of people know about me. I used to live in the wood because I loved the outdoors but I am INFECTIOUS now everywhere I go I give this infection but I love my daughter too much I cant let her go. She knows what she will have to do with me and she SPECULATES my decision to do this. I have made my ULTIMATUM I will stop my heartbeat so I can't hurt anymore people. I will no longer see a HYSTERICAL joke and laugh at it or get an ACCOMPANIMENT .CONSEQUENTALLY I have to tell my daughter hat the day I will be leaving is the day her last homecoming is. I have to go. In her eulogy i don't want her to use a VERBATIM I want it fro her heart. On my bed with me I will have a SUCCULENT plant right next to me. What she doesn't know is at homecoming she will be given an ACCOLADE. Sorry heres the doctor, "This is a miracle. Your infectious disease has gone away you are free!" said the doctor. I was so happy!! THANKS DOCTOR

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