Read the excerpt from Part 2 of The Odyssey by Homer. I would not heed them in my glorying spirit, but let my anger flare and yelled: 'Cyclops, if ever mortal man inquire how you were put to shame and blinded, tell him Odysseus, raider of cities, took your eye: Laertes' son, whose home's on Ithaca!' This excerpt best supports the conclusion that Odysseus is frustrated. proud. violent. sympathetic.

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The answer to the question above is "proud" which best supports the conclusion of Odysseus' feeling. This part of a story is taken from The Odyssey story by Homer about the journey of Odysseus to the island of the Cyclopes. In this part, Odysseus has blinded the Cyclops and told that his name is Nobody rather than told his real name. However, pride made him shout his name as he sailed away from the Cyclopes island.

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