Ricardo sat at his desk, anxiously waiting for his teacher to hand back his math exam. He'd been studying for the test for weeks. After his last report card, Ricardo realized that he needed to work on his math grade. His older brother, Lorenzo, was a mathematics genius, and he helped Ricardo study for the test. The two spent many afternoons going over practice problems. Although he felt confident while taking the test, Ricardo was now second guessing every answer. He wondered if all the studying had helped his grade. The teacher put the test on Ricardo's desk. Ricardo flipped it over and saw that he'd earned an A! He smiled, happy with the result of his hard work. The main conflict of the story can be described as A) person against self. B) person against person. C) person against nature. D) person against technology person against self.

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A because he was having a hard time with his own grades, no conflict with anyone else or anything else.

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