Rose went to a stationary shop.She purchased 2 packs of red pens;4 packs of black pens;and 3 packs of blue pens.The cost of each pack of pens was $2.50.Which expression shows the total amount Rose spent on the pens?

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Well since you didn't provide the choices, I'll have to make some assumptions... we'll call the red pens R, the black pens B and the Blue pens x. If total cost = T then We can say... T=R(2.50)+B(2.50)+x(2.50) It could also be shown as T = R + B + x(2.50) Another way that we could have approached it since there is no difference in price between colors is just say each pack of pens (no matter the color) = P... so... T = P (2.50)

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