Samantha glued stickers on a sheet with an area of 1,260 square centimeters in 1/6 of an hour. What is the speed, in square centimeters per hour, at which Samantha glued stickers?

(2) Answers

1/6 of an hour is 10 minutes. For a precise answer, convert it to seconds. You will end up with 600 seconds. Divide the area of the sheet by 600 seconds. 1260/600 ~ 2  With this result, Samantha glued approximately 2 stickers every second.


Think of how many square cm of stickers Samantha glued in 1 hour. If she did so much in 1/6 of an hour (10 minutes) and she continued at that speed, how many square cm could she do in 60 minutes? Remember to convert units from sq cm to sq m if required.

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