Sodium metal (Na) and chlorine gas (Cl) are two reactive and dangerous elements. Chlorine is a halogen gas that can cause respiratory damage and sodium is an alkali metal that reacts violently with water. What happens to the properties of sodium and chlorine when they react to form sodium chloride (NaCl), common table salt? A) The properties of both sodium and chlorine change. B) The properties of both sodium and chlorine remain the same. C) The properties of sodium are different but chlorine remains a dangerous gas. D) The properties of sodium remain the same but the properties of chlorine change.

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They combine as atoms, and separate as ions. When sodium and chlorine atoms come together to form sodium chloride(NaCl), they transfer an electron. The sodium (Na) atom transfers one electron to the chlorine (Cl) atom, so that theyboth have full outer shells. ... When this happens, the atom is called a positive ion. What do think the answer is now?

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