solve each equation by factoring 16x²-9=0

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for this question you should first add +9 on both sides of the equation so you will have: 16x^2 = 9  and then you should divide both sides by 16: x^2 = 9/16  and the square root of both sides will give you: x = 3/4 and -3/4 :)))) i hope this is helpful have a nice day 


we see that this is difference of 2 perfect squares a^2-b^2=(a+b)(a-b) so (4x)^2-3^2=(4x-9)(4x+9) so we set each to zero 4x-9=0 add 9 4x=9 divide 4 x=9/4 4x+9=0 subtract 9 4x=-9 divide 4 x=-9/4 x=-9/4 or 9/4

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