Advanced Placement (AP)

Solve for x. Then find the length of each side of the figure.

(2) Answers

#51 Write 2x+3(to the power of 2) + x+2(to the power of 2)=46. Do that and you should have 4x+9+2x+4=46. Combine like terms and get 6x+13=46. Subtract 13 from 46 and you should have 6x=(answer). Now divide your answer by 6 and that is your x. Let's JUST SAY that x is 6. You would plug it in as 2(6)+3 and get that side, and 6+2 and get that side. You would get 15 and 8. You know that there are 4 sides so you would do 15(2)+8(2) and get your perimeter! Remember from "Let's JUST SAY" to "perimeter!" is an example.


14-2x + 2x+1 + 3X-1 = 26 14+3x=26 3x=12 x=4

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