Sophia is testing an effect of different volumes of water on the growth of duckweed. She set up the experiment that is shown below. Three beakers, all the same size, are set up with cool tap water and duckweed in them. The first beaker contains 100 mL of water and 20 fronds of duckweed. The second beaker contains 200 mL of water and 50 fronds of duckweed. The third beaker contains 300 mL of water and 40 fronds of duckweed.. Based on this setup, the most likely source of error in this experiment is a)the sizes of the beakers that are used. b)the depth of the water in each beaker. c)the temperature of the water in each beaker. d)the number of duckweed plants in each beaker.

(1) Answers

The correct answer is letter D. The number of duckweed plants in each beaker would most likely be the source of error in the experiment because it would be inaccurate or hard for her to determine which of the plants grew first hand in the experiment.  

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