Suppose that 15 inches of wire costs 90 cents. At the same rate, how many inches of wire can be bought for 48 cents?

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This can be solved by making an equivalent ratio. The original ratio is what we know, 15 inches of wire for 90 cents. In a ratio of inches of wire:cents, this would be 15:90. Now for the equivalent ratio. We don't know the number in the inches place but we do know it for the cents place. Let's use x to represent inches of wire. x:48 is our new ratio, and we need to find x. Since x:48 and 15:90 are equivalent, that means the same thing that was done to 90 to get 48 has to be done to 15 to get the value of x, since the same thing must be applied to both sides. We can find what 90 was divided by (which is what we'll have to divide 15 by) by dividing 90 by 48. 90 / 48 = 1.875 This means 48 • 1.875 = 90 and x • 1.875 = 15. Since we don't know x though, we can isolate it by dividing both sides by 1.875. x • 1.875 = 15 x • 1.875 / 1.875 = x 15 / 1.875 = 8 So x is 8. Answer: While you can be 15 inches of wire for 90 cents, you can buy 8 inches of wire for 48 cents at the same rate.


I think it would be 8 inches.

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