Suppose that your friend is moving far away and describing his new location. He mentioned that Derreck gets a lot of precipitation for most of the year, except for the summer, which is cool and dry. He also noted that his house is surrounded by flowering trees in conifers and that he saw at least 3 camouflaged animals more quickly than his sister could. Which biome well his new home be part of? a. temperate grassland b. desert c. Northwestern coniferous forest d. Tropical dry forest

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d. Tropical dry forest A biome is composed of various diverging ecosystems that relates with the community. Biomes can either be deserts, grassland, savanna, tropical rain forest, taiga, boreal and etc. An ecosystem involves both the biological (plants, animals, human beings) and non-biological (land, water, soil, and atmosphere) community which interacts as a system. 

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