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Tanner is creating a brochure for his Web-hosting company. He designed the layout and placed a picture in the center of the page. Being unsatisfied with the effect, he has decided to make the picture larger. Describe the procedure Tanner will use to resize the picture.

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Resizing is a very simple process. On the photo editing program, simply click on the image, and if resize handles appear around it, click and drag those to the desired size. If the program has a dedicated resizing or rescaling tool, use it and follow the above instructions. Keep the photo proportionate by holding down the shift key while dragging a corner handle. Tanner has to make sure that his photo his of a high enough resolution to resize. A pixellated or blurry photo will only get worse when scaled up. He also has to make sure he doesn't resize it to be too big or it will also end up pixellated.

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