Tell your teacher, in complete Spanish sentences, the sequence of events from the time you arrive at the airport until you board the airplane. Use your own words. Do not read what has been written in this section of the course. Keep your sentences simple and be sure to use the vocabulary from this module.

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1. cuando llegue al aeropuerto le entregue los boletos a la safata para registrarme. 2. La persona que registro mis maletas me dijo que pesaron mas de lo que es debido entonces me toco pagar veinte dollares mas. 3. Cuando bordamos al avion me toco sentarme al lado de un hombre que apesta. hope this helps, here is the translation. 1. when I arrived at the airport I gave my tickets to the stuardist to check in. 2. The person who registered my bags told me they weighed more then the allowed amount and charged me 20 dollars more. 3. When we boarded the plane I had to sit next to a man that smelled

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