The area of a rectangle is 256.5m.  If the length is 18m what is the perimeter of the rectangle?

(2) Answers

The area of a rectangle equals length times height. (A=LH) A=256.5 L=18 Plugging in the numbers into the equation, you get 256.5=18H. (like I substituted the numbers in) next if you divided both sides by 18, it will cancel out the 18 in the 18H side of the equation. So, it is 256.5/18 equaling H 256.5 divided by 18 is... 14.25 That means the height is 14.25 an the length is 18. the perimeter is all of the sides added together. in a rectangle, the sides opposite each other are the same. So you have two sides that are 14.25 and two that are 18 meters long. 14.25+14.25+18+18 equals the perimeter then. So the answer would be... 64.5!


area = l x b thus, 256.5 = 18 x b thus b = 256.5/18 = 14.25 thus, breadth is 14.25 meters Now perimeter = 2l + 2b = 36 + 28.5 = 64.5 Thus, perimeter of the rectangle is 64.5 meters

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