The length of a rectangular field is 4 m longer than its width. If the perimeter is 56 m, what is the width of the field?

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We know the perimeter is the sum of all sides. So lenght+length+width+width = 2length+2width. Let's call the width x. If the length is 4m longer, then it's x+4. We know the perimeter, so we can make an equation: 56=2x+2(x+4) And solve from there: 56=2x+2x+8 56=4x+8 48=4x 48/4=x x=12 The width, which is x, is 12 m. And the length, x+4, is 16 m. You can check this is correct by calculating the perimeter using those values: 12+12+16+16=56.

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