The perimeter of a picture frame is 24 inches. If the width of the picture frame is 5 inches what is the length of the picture frame?

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Perimeter of rectangle = 2l + 2w                                  24= 2l + 2*5                                  24= 2l + 10                                   2l = 24-10 = 14                                    l  = 14/2                                    l  = 7 inches Therefore, the length of the frame is 7 inches.


For this, you just need to find out what you already know and work from there. We know that the width of the picture frame is 5 inches. We also know that the perimeter is 24 inches.  The perimeter is the total length of all sides, and there are two sides that measure 5 inches, so we can subtract 5 twice (or just subtract 10) from our perimeter, giving us 14. Since there are two sides of equal length left to discover, we know that we can split the remaining amount in the perimeter in half, giving us 7. The length of the picture frame is 7 inches. Hope that helped! =)

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