The profit (p) in dollars, for a company is modeled by the function p(x)=-7520x^2 +15000x, where x is the number of items produced. For which value of x will the company loss?

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well P(x) is the total money they made.  so if P(X) < 0 they had a loss.  so if you plug in 0 you get 0=-7520x^2+15000x add 7520x^2 to both sides 7520x^2=15000x (7520x)x is the same thing, if you multiply it out it will still equal 7520x^2 so (7520x)x=15,000x divide both sides by x and 7520x=15,000 divide both sides by 7520 x=1.995 then you would just need to check a number on both sides,  i.e. 0 and 2 2 gives you a value of -80 which means anything greater then 1.995 would be negative

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