The quotient of 5/31 divided by 15/23, reduced to the lowest fraction, is A. 23/93. B. 115/465. C. 75/373. D. 93/23 or 4 1/23.

(1) Answers

First of all, dividing fractions is the same as multiplying them with the reciprocal of the other. The reciprocal of a fraction is when the numerator and denominator are flipped or switched. Like say for example, the reciprocal of 1/5 is 5/1. Now, 5/31 divided by 15/23 is the same as 5/31 times 23/15. Then, you just multiply the numerators and denominators with each other, which gives you the answer of 115/465. Next, you need to simplify the fraction. To do that, you need find the greatest common multiple of 115 and 465, which is 5. 115 divided by 5 is 23, and 465 divided by 5 is 93, giving you the answer of A. 23/93.

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