The school that Kevin goes to is selling tickets to a field trip on the first day of ticket sales to school sold 3 adult tickets and one child ticket for $38 the school took in $52 on the second day by selling 3 adult tickets and to child tickets find the price of an adult ticket in the price of a child ticket

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We know that both days the school sold 3 adult tickets. We'll come back to this later. If on the second day the school sold 2 child tickets, and on the first day the school sold 1 child ticket, we can easily figure out how much a child ticket is by subtracting $38 from $52 (their daily profits). See below. $52 - $38 = $14 A child ticket costs $14. Now, let's figure out the cost per adult ticket. This equation represents the cost of a child's ticket ($14), the cost of 3 adult tickets (3x), and the school's profit. See below. 14 + 3x = 38 3x = 38 - 14 3x = 24 x = 8 An adult ticket costs $8.

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