)The volume of two spheres is shown: Sphere A = 30 cubic inches Sphere B = 10 cubic inches How many inches more is the radius of sphere A than the radius of sphere B? Round your answer to the nearest tenths. (Use π = 3.14.)

(2) Answers

The correct answer is 0.8 in....


The volume of a sphere is calculated through the equation,                             V = 4πr³/3 Which means that the radius is calculated by the equation,                                  (3V/4π)^(1/3) = r Substituting,             Sphere A,       (3x30/4π)^(1/3) = r = 1.927 in             Sphere B,        (3x10/4π)^(1/3) = r = 1.336 in When we subtract the radius, we get an answer of 0.59 inch. Therefore, the answer to this item is approximately 0.6 inch. 

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