The width and length of a rectangle (in feet)are consecutive odd integers. If the length is increased by 5 feet, the area of the resulting rectangle is 60 square feet. What is the area of the original rectangle? 25 ft^2 30 ft^2 35 ft^2

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Hello, Let 's 2n-1 the width 2n+1 the length Increasing by 5 feet , the length become 2n+6 The new area is (2n+6)(2n-1)=60 ==>4n²+12n-2n-6=60 ==>4n²+10n-66=0 Δ=10²+4*4*66=1156=34² n=(-10+34)/8= 24/8=3 and an other value (-10-34)/8 negative excluded. n=3 =>2n+1=7 and 2n-1=5 The first area was 7*5=35 (ft²) Answer C

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