There are 6 girls and 7 boys in a class. A team of 10 players is to be selected from the class. If the selection is random, what is the probability of selecting a team of 4 girls and 6 boys?

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There are 13 students in the class.  p = probability p  1st girl is 6/13 p 2nd girl is 5/12 p 3rd girl is 4/11 p 4th girl is 3/10 p 1rst boy is 7/9 p of 2nd boy is 6/8  p of 3rd boy is 5/7 p of 4th boy is 4/6 p of 5th boy is 3/5 p of 6th boy is 2/4 I multiplied all of the fractions above (cancelling wherever I could and again to check my work I reduced fractions that could be and cancelled again) and I got  1/572

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