There are a total of 52 students on the soccer team and the field hockey team. The field hockey team has 12 more students than the soccer team. * Write a systems of linear equations that fits this situation. How many students are on the soccer team "x" and the field hockey team "y"?

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x=soccer y=field hockey x+y=50 is your first equation because there are 50 players in all y-x=12 is your second equation because when you subtract, you get 12 I can solve it too. Change the second equation to -x+y=12  x+y=50 -x+y=12 Because when you add everything, x gets eliminated, you don't have to subtract So then: 2y=62 y=31 Then you substitute y in any equation. x+(31)=50 Then you isolate the x to find your answer. x=19   Your answer is: (19, 31)  I hope this helped!!

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