Two molecules of hydrogen react with one molecule of oxygen to produce two molecules of water. How many molecules of water are produced from 2.0 3 1023 molecules of oxygen? How many moles of water are produced from 22.5 moles of oxygen?

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You would need to utilize Mole ratios found in the adjusted condition;  for each mole of hydrogen utilized, 2 moles of HCl are delivered.  Thusly:  10 mol H2 x 2 mol HCl/1 mol H2 = 20 mol HCL.  For the second question:  you would need to change over 2.0x10^23 particles of Oxygen to moles of oxygen, utilizing Avogadro's number:  2.0x10^23 particles oxygen x 1 mol oxygen/6.022x10^23 atoms oxygen = 0.33 mol Oxygen  utilizing mole proportions once more:   0.66 mol H2O = 2 mol H2O/1 mol Oxygen x 0.33 mol Oxygen  45.0 mol H2O  = 2 mol H2O/1 mol Oxygen x 22.5 mol Oxygen  fundamentally to answer stoichiometry, you should take a gander at the adjusted condition to make sense of the mole proportions between components/mixes, and utilizing mole proportions you can change over from moles of one component/compound to moles of another component/compound

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