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two reasons why people are hesitant to report corruption two princeples of good governancethat help prvrnt corruption explain two funtions of public protector how is a person who report corruption protected? two of the government's anti-corruption strategies that attemptsto deal with corruption as a whole. Evaluate the impact/effects of fraud and corruption on two of the following: an indidual,a company and a country Reseach any organisation in South Africa that is dealing with corruption and fraud(excluding)SAPS.Evaluate if they have been successful(or not)in exercising their mandate.your answer should be approximately half a pae

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I'll just answer the first two questions: 1) People are hesitant to report corruption because they are afraid that they will be harassed or killed if it was made known that they were the ones who reported the corruption.  They also don't know if the person they are reporting the corruption to is part of the corrupt circle or not. They'd rather not report the corruption than make the mistake of reporting to a corrupt authority. 2) Two principles of good governance that prevents corruption are 1) Ethical Conduct and 2) Transparency and Accountability.

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