URGENT PLEASE HELP AND SHOW WORK!!! Two friends are renting an apartment. They pay the landlord the first month's rent. The landlord also requires them to pay am additional half of a months rent for a security deposit. The total amount they pay the landlord before moving in is $1725. What is the monthly rent?

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If 1725 is one full months rent, plus another half, I think that one month would be $1550, and the security deposit would be $575. You can find the answer by dividing $1725 by 3, because the 2 halves to equal one whole, plus another half. Hope this helps!


Lets use M for months rent: They pay a months rent, 1M paid, they then pay another 0.5M for security deposit, they have now paid 1.5M.   So 1.5M=$1725     So M = 1725 / 1.5 = $1150                          When doing these problems try and add up how many times they paid the thing (in this case they paid the months rent 1.5 times) and then you can find how much the thing is

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