Wages. JoAnn works in the publicity office at the state university. She is paid $10 an hour for the first 35 hours she works each week and $15 an hour for every hour after that. If she makes $455 one week, how many hours did she work?

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Well, the first 35 hours she works is $10 per hour. [latex]35*10=350[/latex] So that's 350 already. Subtract 350 from 455. [latex]455-350=105[/latex] Our goal is to get 105. After 35 hours, each hour after that she gets paid $15. How many times can 15 go into 105? [latex]105/15=7[/latex] We're done! Take the first 35 hours she worked and add the 7 we got from our last equation. [latex]35+7=42\ hours[/latex] She worked 42 hours to get $455 in one week.


well divide 435 by 10 so u can find if she worked 35 hrs. 43.5 hrs at $10 she did finish her $10 hours 455-350=105 105/15=15x/15 x=6 therefore she worked 35 hrs. +7 hrs. she worked for 42 hours in total

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