What are 3 methods of developing your paragraphs in the body of your theme

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1. an introductory paragraph which may include an attention getting device such as:asking a question or questions;making a controversial or surprising statement;setting the scene by using a description;beginning with some conversation;starting with a short story;giving some statistics which may surprise or alarm the reader;referring to a current or historical event;using a quotation, aphorism or proverb;giving an unusual opinion.2. a topic statement in the first paragraph which clearly states the theme of the paper and the way in which it will be developed.3. a separate paragraph in the body for each main point developed.4. a topic sentence in each main paragraph.5. transitional words and phrases to connect ideas within paragraphs and between paragraphs.6. a suitable form of development such as: cause and effect, classification, comparison and contrast, description, persuasion, or process analysis;7. A concluding paragraph which brings the theme to a close.


reasons examples and incidents. ;) hope this helps

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