What are 3 risk factor and protective factors attaining to child abuse and neglect. Explain how health care providers can prevent these factors.

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Risk: 1) Unwanted child/children 2) Previous abuse in the home. As in parent to the child or the grandparent to the child's parent. Or spouse to anyone in the house. 3) Mental illness of child/children primary caretaker. Protective: 1) School, daycare, doctors ability to notice signs/symptoms of abuse. 2) Someone saying something, neighbor, friend, etc. 3) Ability to contact correct "law enforcement" to have the child/children properly looked over, situation looked into. Drs can counsel people on birth control. They can counsel people they think are involved in a domestic violence situation. And they can put the patient on medication for mental/emotional issues, as well as have them see a therapist. Hope this helps.

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