What are some ways in which bacteria can benefit people?

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1 ) some (like in yogurt) eat bad things in your body 2)gets rid of oil spills 3) helps clean gas spills 4) decomposer What some people might not know, is that bacteria is helpful to the human body in numerous ways. Here I will list just 4 ways bacteria helps humans. (1) Certain types of bacteria live in the intestines of humans and they help in digestion and in destroying the harmful organisms. (2) Intestinal bacteria also produces some vitamins required by the human body. (3) There is bacteria that helps to break down lactose in the digestive tract. And lastly, (4) Bacteria on the skin helps to protect humans from different fungus. Bacteria is found everywhere, water, food, and air carries bacteria from one person to another. To keep the harmful bacteria away, remember that antibiotics are the number one killer of harmful bacteria. Always washing your hands with antiseptic soap helps to kill away the bad bacteria.

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