What are the possible effects of contaminated water on the health of an individual or community? Explain your answer in terms of what causes the contamination, the types of infectious agents involved in the related diseases, and how these diseases can spread.

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it could give the community or individual lead poisoning or a disease that can contaminate water. Now I'm just a 5th grader that's saying this so I'm not so sure. Maybe a disease caused a contamination. For instance, I'm using mosquitos and their eggs. if it was in the summer, the mosquito that might have west Nile, ebola, or Zika would lay an egg thats also contaminated. if a person drank faucet/tap water, he would get infected with that disease because the eggs travel through the water pipe to homes. It could spread because west Nile and ebola (might) be contagious. so the person who drank it walks around the city, and sneezes and coughs which spreads germ to other people. REMEMBER:IM JUST A FIFTH GRADER ANSWERING THIS QUESTION

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